Saturday, March 24, 2018

No One Is Above The Law Says Mayor Sadiq Khan...Unless It's An Uber Prius Says TfLTPH.


If ever there was an article that alleged the Mayor &  TfLTPH are in the pockets of Uber... it’s this! 

What’s happened to the London’s clean air policy when it comes to Uber's main stock Prius then?

Where are the Clean up London's air campaign protestors?

The article below from 

"New CO2 figures for the updated Toyota Prius have pushed the car out of the London Congestion Charge exemption zone, which dictates that cars must produce less than an average of 75g/km CO2 in order to enter the area free of charge".

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesman confirmed to Autocar that it won't be re-evaluating existing cars, however, the main stock in Uber's arsenal, the Prius, which is now listed as producing 78g/km of CO2 according to Europe's latest emissions testing procedure, will keep its free pass into the capital's Congestion Charge zone even in its latest form.

The adjusted numbers are a result of changes to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test. European regulators are now using this evolved process that adopts some parts of the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), which will come fully into force next year.

It's a tougher test, therefore it has edged the Prius range's official CO2 output to 78g/km for the most efficient variant on 15in wheels, representing an increase of 5g/km. Models equipped with 17in wheels now have CO2 emissions of 82g/km, up from 76g/km.

Everyone is equal under the law, it’s just that Uber appear to be more equal than others.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Sean Paul Day : Open Letter To Credit Card Equipment Provider CMT.

I write with reference to the attachment included in this email. 

On the 23rd of February the CMT device and meter were both removed from the aforementioned Taxi, reg:@@@@@@. 

The removal being carried out at Taxi World, Tottenham Hale.

Although CMT’s property has already been removed, I read with interest your accompanying letter.  For the record, I consider CMT- the payment system provider- to have violated the terms laid out in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 

The equipment supplied was intended for a particular purpose but failed in its consistency to meet that requirement. Had it been fit for that specified purpose I would have been contented to process all payments through the CMT payment system. I was, however, not prepared to accept its continual malfunctioning. 

I have accepted Credit Card payments for five years prior to the credit card mandate. In fact, it is my preferred method of payment, but the fallibility of your system makes the service provider appear both unreliable and unprofessional. 

To date, I consider CMT to owe me within the region of £120 in lost revenue due fo the system freezing and subsequently rendering the transaction incomplete.

In closing, you’re welcome to inform TfL that I have substituted my fixed terminal with a handheld card reader but the information will be secondary as I have already done so.

I trust you have now updated your files accordingly.


Sean Paul Day


This is not a great PR expose for CMT, it's not the way the trade expects to be bullied. 

Most of the drivers I've spoken to, like myself feel they have been mis-sold this CNT contract. 

When I had my equipment fitted by Taxi World at Mitre Way East Acton, I was asked to enter my bank details on a form so they could pay me. I was then asked to sign the form on the bottom and at no time was I told I was signing a contract. 

I was never asked to read terms and conditions and I was never give or sent a copy of a contract. 

When I asked the fitters if there was any minimum usage stipulation, I was told there was none. 

Personally I have been very happy with my equipment having only had one experience of no signal (Bromley by Bow). Until now that is:

I find the new tip option on the contactless payments annoying, time consuming and not worth the extra few pence it brings in. 

I've only had the upgrade 2 days and have already had to compromise my safety by getting in the back to sort out the machine 3 times. 

Also m not happy with CMT sticking ArrowPay stickers on my already crowded front and rear windscreens. Do they really expect me to encourage my cash customers to pay using ArrowPay so CMT can then grab 3.75% +20p of my payment???

For far too long the trade has been bullied by garages, manufacturers, regulators, councils and trade suppliers...great after sales service is almost an impossibility to find in this trade. 

I've used the same garage (North West Taxis) for over 15 years because I get great service and I trust them. Same with Hendon tyres. 

If businesses want to attract and keep trade, it should be done by offering a first class service, a keen pricing structure and great after sales service. Not by trapping drivers into a contract they have no idea they've signed!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Uber London Not Operating In Chelmsford...Oh Dear How Sad, Never Mind!

Putting aside the fact that Uber have been operating illegally with the full knowledge and permission of TfL for he last 6 years....Just when you thought it couldn't get more crazy...

Uber come up with a plan to geofence the TfL Greater Metropolitan Police District. 

This is the area that TfL licensed Taxis are allowed to openly ply for hire. It's also the area where TfL licensed private hire operators are allowed to operate within....

Uber, as we all know have been operating a boarder less system and have recently decided to woo TfL with the idea of a geofenced area. 

Sounds ok...but have a look at their interpretation of the area covered by TFL's Greater London. 

Since when has Gatwick been inside the GMPD?

Since when has Stansted been inside the GMPD?

When was Luton in ducted into the GMPD?

Also Basildon, Chatham, Tilbury, Gilford, Slough???

Uber still operating the policy that it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission still reigns supreme. 

If they can't get London right, what chance does the rest of the U.K. have for Uber working inside current legislation and abiding by local regulations?

Shock horror (according to Chelmsford MP, Tory Vicky Ford) Uber, which allows passengers to book a journey at the click of a button, regardless of legislation or local regulation, has appeared to have changed its 'geofence', effectively limiting where its drivers are allowed to work, and has exclude Chelmsford. Funny enough Vicky, they've also excluded Aberdeen from their London platform!!!      

 The fact that all the journeys Vicky Ford's constituents have taken commuting to and from London have been totally illegal doesn't seem to matter to this Tory MP. No one is above the law said Sadiq Khan one, except Tory backed Uber!

What do local taxi drivers think about Uber?

Ian Vernon, former Chairman of Chelmsford Taxi Drivers' Association and current owner of claimed that the changes made by Uber will still cause problems for local taxi firms.

He said: "This particular region that Chelmsford now falls in is not a region chosen by the powers that be in government, but is a region created by the company itself.

"It is the same principle if you are licenced in London - by getting a TfL licence you should want to work in London.

"Why should you go and work in Chelmsford and take money away from people who work there?

"This is a problem a lot of taxi firms face in the country.

"If people want to start a business in Chelmsford then good luck to them. We live in a free market and you should be able to start a business but they need to be playing by the same rules.

"At times, getting an Uber is cheaper because the operating costs are lower and the drivers are one a lot less - but would they be able to offer the same service under the same restrictions as cab firms?

"What I would say is that we have been here for many years across Essex providing a private hire service for all - please support your local business."

In rebuttal, a representative from Uber stated that as a private hire operator, the company accepts bookings before allocating a driver , but as we all now know, this is a lie on many levels. 

First the Uber London Ltd company that is licensed by TfL doesn't take or dispatch any bookings, this is done by Dutch company Uber BV, which in itself makes all Uber apps journeys past and present illegal. 

Secondly, it's been disclosed in court that Uber journeys are offered directly to the driver before Uber BV back file the jobs. 

Two points conveniently overlooked by the Uber representative. 

LCDC Chairman Grant Davis Emails Mike Brown/TfL Over Shocking Uber Driver Video.

London Cab Driver Club (LCDC) Chairman Grant Davis, has emailed TfL Commissioner Mike Brown along with many others at TfL, over yesterday's Daily Mail story regarding the Uber driver who terrified his passengers by trying to reverse along the motor way after missing his turn off. 

Subject: Uber driver filmed reversing on a busy road in terrifying footage

Dear All,

As a taxi driver for the last 29 years, I must say that though I'd had seen most every level of bad driving.... I was wrong.

Tonight on the Daily Mail website, it has this story, to say I am shocked is an understatement.

I read with interest that our Commission has stated he has meet with Dara from UBER a couple of times and that the attitude from the app is encouraging?

I will answer this in the next edition of the Badge, but what I will say is that the banning of UBER from the streets of this once Great City cannot come a week too soon.

Yours Sincerely 

Grant Davis


We're going to get hit!': Terrified passengers shout at London Uber driver as he REVERSES the wrong way down a busy road just inches away from speeding lorries

  • Jaw-dropping footage was taken by terrified passengers in London in February
  • Uber driver took the wrong slip road - then decided to reverse in the busy road 
  • Cars and lorries speed past just inches away on the pitch black, icy road
  • The driver ignores them and keeps reversing as passengers fear for their lives



Why are Uber still operating?

Tim Fenton has exposed and published evidence, that all Uber journeys past and present have been dispatched by unlicensed Dutch company Uber BV and not Uber London Ltd. This means every single job has been illegal. 

Mike Brown Knows this.

Sadiq Khan knows this.

Worst of all.....TfL have known about this since 2013, but decided to sweep it under the carpet and allowed Uber to carry on regardless. 

It's been obvious to most of the Taxi and Private Hire Trade in London that something wasn't right at TfL with regards to Uber's licensing.

After six years of increasing road traffic accidents, sexual assaults including rape of passengers by Uber drivers, terrorist attacks, credit card fraud, possession of firearms, possession of class A drugs and the data hacking scandal, TfL have never to this day carried out a safety assessment or due diligence of the Uber platform.

  • If you'd like to speak to grant or any of the clubs proactive team, please come along to the Astral Cafe' tonight between 8 and 10pm. 

Click here to see message from Grant:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Did You Believe The TXe Was Designed To Be A Bespoke Taxi... Well Think Again


Most electric vehicles go from home to work-work to home, maybe an hour or so each way!

Most Taxis normally work 8-10 hrs shifts, some a bit more! 

Question: Have Geely built us a bespoke Taxi?

Or with a potential production line of 25,000 vehicles pa, were they looking to get their new electric delivery van, inner-city road tested for free?

We’ve been told that Geely designed and built a bespoke Electric Taxi, designed to suit best needs the Taxi market.

But is the new TXe no more that a converted delivery van?

It will be interesting to see the retail price of the van (up against the £63k unsubsidised TXe) which will not be operating in a restricted marked! 

      Oh dear, how sad, never mind !!!

This post from Auto Express:

LEVC, or the London EV Company, announced a zero-emissions commercial van some time ago, and a disguised test mule has now been caught testing in the Scandinavian winter. 

The story with LEVC is long and it dates back a hundred years; once, there was a company called Carbodies, which manufactured those classic black taxicabs everyone associates with London streets. After a number of ownership and name changes, the company was liquidated in 2013 and the Chinese carmaker Geely formed The London Taxi Company out of it. Last year it was rebranded the London EV Company, and part of its rebirth was the introduction of an electric London cab called the LEVC TX. They are manufactured in a new facility near Coventry, England, and plans include branching out from making just taxicabs. 

This light commercial van version, about the size and shape of a RAM Promaster City, is designed for urban deliveries. It is a range extender hybrid, and running the test mule's plates at the British DVLA's site showed the late 2017-registered test vehicle's fuel type as "Hybrid Electric (Clean)". We are also detecting a cloud of exhaust in the last photo, as the vehicle guns away from the photographer; if that's not just powder snow, that'll be the range extender working. The camouflaged vehicle's front will most likely resemble the taxi sibling, just as a more workmanlike version; the rear end loses the detailing that reminds onlookers of the classic taxi and gains a more van-like shape. 

LEVC CEO Chris Gubbey announced the vehicle earlier, saying: "This is going to be the future proofed 'white van' that people have been waiting for. Designed solely for the urban commercial sector, dedicated to the people who keep our cities working, it will be clean, competitive and ready for cities of the future." 

Company chairman Carl-Peter Forster added: "In addition to our brand-new taxi, the manufacturing of this all new light commercial van is a transformative step for the company as we will move from a single product, single market organization to a multi-product, multi market organization." Information of the van's sales in the U.S. has not yet been given.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Fraudsters are using the app to create entire networks built on rides that never occur to extract real cash from stolen credit cards

RUSSIAN fraudsters are hijacking Uber in collaboration with crooked drivers to launder dirty money.

The intricate scam sees the tricksters act as middlemen for clients – organising “ghost rides” through the Uber app that never take place.

The client pays for these non-existent journeys using stolen credit cards.

And – once Uber takes its standard cut from what it thinks is a legitimate ride – the customer, the con-artist and the driver make away with the now clean money.

Several Russian forum posts, spotted by The Daily Beast, detail how the dodgy plot works.

They also include ads seeking corrupt Uber drivers, according to The Next Web.

The technical part of the scam sees the trickster use an emulator (a piece of software that allows them to run a virtual Android phone on their laptop) as well as a virtual private network (VPN).

The latter switches their machine’s location to the same city as the client/passenger.

Now, the trickster is essentially ready to act as the ‘ghost Uber’ dispatcher, with a roster of crooked drivers on his beck and call.

He then orders trips through the app, while communicating details of the ride outside of it.

Typically, the fraudulent middleman uses the Telegram app to chat with the passenger, who provides the pickup and drop-off locations.

The scammer then replies with the details of the corrupt chauffeur (including the make of car, driver name, and license plate).

Judging by forum posts, the client forks out for the illicit service through Russian payment sites, such as Qiwi, Yandex.Money or Sberbank.

In one of these online threads, a trickster boasts that their service runs in 20 cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as Kiev in Ukraine and Minsk in Belarus.

Another post indicates that similar ghost rides have been set up in New York and Portugal as well.

We reached out to Uber for comment and will update the article with its response.

A similar, but albeit less complicated, Airbnb scam was uncovered by The Daily Beast in November.

It involved con-artists extracting cash out of stolen credit cards through fake Airbnb bookings with the help of complicit hosts.

In both cases, fraudsters are manipulating online maketplaces – which are much harder to monitor – to launder money digitally.

Source : the Sun

Over the past year or so, we've seen many videos made by drivers, showing Public Carriage Officers (PCOs) refusing to show their photo ID authority card. Many will only show their badge. 
We have now been informed by TfLTPH that all PCOs must show their photo ID authority card on request by the driver or membe if the public.