Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Another Rat Deserts Uber's Sinking Ship

Uber’s European policy chief just quit

In another blow to the company, Uber’s European policy chief Christopher Burghardt has left the company, the Financial Times reports. 

Burghardt’s departure follows the departure of Uber’s U.K. boss earlier this month and comes in the middle of Uber’s battle with London over the future of its services there. Burghardt is leaving to become managing director for the electric vehicle charging network company Chargepoint in Europe. 

His role there will begin in November. Burghardt told the FT his decision to move on was “independent of anything that is happening at Uber.” He also noted:

For me this is a choice because I really believe in Chargepoint and the advent of the electric vehicle. Europe at the point of getting to mass market adoption of electric vehicles, and Chargepoint is at the forefront of that.

“I’m still a great believer in what Uber does. [New Uber CEO] Dara [Khosrowshahi] really has vision that will take the company into a bright future.”


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hull On The List Of Councils Where Uber Will Not Apply For A Licence.

Uber will not be operating in Hull as it scraps expansion plans in nine cities.

Taxi-giant Uber has abandoned its plans to expand into Hull after losing its license in the capital earlier this month.

Earlier this year, Uber announced its plans to launch in nine new cities including, Hull, Oxford, South Tynesyde and Bournemouth.

But now it has withdrawn its applications for the use of its cars in these locations, reports the Times. 

The decision to withdraw the applications was made after Uber was asked a series of questions by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA wanted to determine whether the company’s claim that it “does not provide transportation services” and simply operates using an app connecting “independent contractors” with passengers are true.

It would appear that every time Uber's operating system is questioned, they back down.....what is it about they way they operate that they are determined to keep secret?

Questions included: “If Uber has no involvement in the contract between the customer and the driver of the vehicle, who accepts the booking? 
If Uber accepts the booking, how does it have no involvement in the contract between the customer and the driver?”

In the UK, it's totally illegal for a Private hire driver to accept a booking directly from a customer which is exactly the case with uber, as they've already explained it two recent court cases.

Uber is already in danger of losing its license in Brighton after it was revealed it had broken its promise to only use local drivers and vehicles.

Uber has also been refused a license in Reading and has been told it will not be granted one in Southend-on-Sea.

Transport for London also refused to renew the company’s license last month, although Uber still continues to take bookings in the city, pending an appeal. The decision was back by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Hull City Council has confirmed Uber has withdrawn its application to use its taxis in the city.

Uber said: “Uber has been granted more than 80 licenses by councils. Over the last year a small number of licence applications lapsed while we focused on other areas.

“On rare occasions we’ve not pursued applications as proposed conditions didn’t fit with how our app works.” really couldn't make that up lol.

Source : Hull Daily Mail.

Taxi leaks Extra Bit :

The Knowledge, featured on Saul's breakfast show, London Taxi Radio.

Click on this link below :

Sadiq Khan’s ‘40,000 pollution deaths a year’ is a zombie statistic and isn’t true, says respiratory physician.

At last the truth about London's pollution.

Sadiq Khan’s figure on pollution deaths is a “zombie statistic and it’s simply not true,” according to a respiratory physician.

Figures have been released claiming pollution causes almost 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK. Air pollution is also said to cause a total 340,000 years of lost life in the UK.

Figures originated from a Royal College of Physicians report and Mr Khan has cited the figures in announcing measures to cut pollution in London.

But Tony Frew, respiratory physician at the University of Brighton, told Julia Hartley-Brewer this is merely an example of a “zombie statistic”, meaning “however much you try to kill it it comes back and it’s simply not true.”

He explained that the 340,000 life years figure doesn’t equate to real life, and in reality each person loses only about three days from their lifespan as a result of pollution.

Frew also said that the 40,000 deaths a year figure is “a guess” using information about two pollutants which overlap.

He added that pollution levels are “illegal because we made it illegal, not because it’s dangerous.”

Source : Stemorris . com

Stop The Conservative Party Trying To Interfere With Lawful Licensing Decisions...PETITION.

All around Chelsea these leaflets from the Conservative party, are being hand delivered to every household. Absolute Disgrace!

I have never in my entire career known of political interference such as this in on-going litigation.

The question has to be asked...why is a political party so interested in this foreign non tax paying company. 

Just how far do the  tenticles of lobbying money run?

Has this anything to do with top job offers made to and accepted by former top Tory MPs, by companies who heavily invest in Uber?

The Conservative party have been commenting and petitioning the public in relation to a licensing authorities decisions to refuse granting a license to Uber a company that does not respect Workers rights, pays its tax via a second company off shore and most importantly has safety issues.

The fact the companies CEO has had to apologise for their behaviour as a company as well as a director admitting publicly they failed advise the authorities in relation to sexual assaults as well as other events is wrong.

It is not the job of a prime minister or their party to interfere with a legally made decision especially when it is of a licensing nature.

The Conservative party must desist immediately and remove any petition.

Why is this important?

It is wrong for a political party to question the decisions of licensing officers. 

This is akin to rejection of the law to suit political ends rather than protection of the public or workers.

This is important also because it shows an unashamed attempt to garner suppol.p.rt from a voting section of the public.

Moreover it does not represent the Local authorities inhabitants alone and cannot be proven.

A political party should not be lobbying to obfuscate the work of those carrying out licensing.

You know the drill....please sign  :



Monday, October 16, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's Speech To Young Labour: An Uber Co-Op Run By The Drivers, Sharing Profits.

Jeremy Corbyn's speech to the Co-Op party (the one the United Cabbies Group [UCG] have alined themselves with) ahead of the Young Labour Policy Conference.

"Labour is thinking radically about how we can use the power of new technology in the coming decades to make our economy work for us all.

"Technology of the digital age should empower us as workers and consumers, allowing us to cooperate in a way that wasn’t possible in the past.

"Imagine an Uber run co-operatively by their drivers, collectively controlling their future, with profits shared or re-invested."

And again! No mention of the high number of rapes and sexual assaults from this company who enabled it's drivers to work with fake DBS criminal record check certificates!!!

Jeremy, we've all ready got that....a collective of professional highly regulated drivers non dependent on foreign multi billion dollar slave drivers, controlling their own future in line with government legislation and local's called the Hackney Black Cab Taxi industry!!!

Jeremy, imagine a London devoid of the traditional Black cabs...25,000 full tax paying drivers put out of work by a foreign Non-dom tax avoiding company who uses slave labour, most drawing state benefits, many with fakes criminal record checks on its drivers, fakes medicals, allows the hacking of customers accounts, spies on its customers and doesn't report complaints of sex attacks by its drivers on customers to the police??? 

Is this the future Labour wants for the UK Jeremy?

Taxi Leaks Extra Bit :

London also has one of the largest and most comprehensive bus networks in the world, with 9000 buses running on 700 bus routes, as well as 20 tube lines providing a 24hour service at weekends and around 100,000 non-Uber Minicabs and Taxis.

Even if Uber are not relicensed, no one will find themselves stranded in London. 

If TFL capitulates to public and political pressure based on the arguments being made, that they have 3.5 million users, it could set a very troubling precedent. 

If a company can get away with illegal and unethical behaviour simply because it has a lot of customers, it would send out the message that the richest corporations are above the law in London. 

Let's get one thing straight....uber drivers are self-employed as Minicab drivers!

If uber lose their operators licence, the drivers still remain self-employed Minicab drivers....they haven't lost their licenses.

They can work as self-employed Minicab drivers for anyone of the other 2,500 fit and proper TfL licensed operators in the capital.

Brakes Put On Uber, But Has UberRape Been Bought Off And Swept Under The Carpet?

According to the Sunday Times, the minicab instant hail app Uber, has abandoned its plan to expand into at least nine cities and towns around Britain.

Uber are also in danger of losing their licence in Brighton, which expires next month...after breaking promises to use only local drivers and vehicles. But then that's their philosophy is, "it's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission".

Uber is currently battling big time for survival in the capital following the decision by TfL to refuse to renew their operators licence. 
However, the company are continuing to accept bookings, pending the appeal, lodged at Westminster Magistrates court on Friday....So we can expect UberRape and sexual assaults to continue for a while yet!!!

Uber have also decided to withdraw applications for operating licences in Oxford, Hull, Bournemouth, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sandwell in the West Midlands.

The Sunday times article stated:
The decision was made after Uber was asked a series of questions about its business drawn up by the Local Government Association.

The questions are designed to challenge the company’s claim that it is merely an agent that “does not provide transportation services” and simply operates an app connecting “independent contractors” with passengers.

The questions include: “If Uber has no involvement in the contract between the customer and the driver of the vehicle, who accepts the booking? 
(If the drivers accepts the bookings, then the app is illegal)
If Uber accepts the booking, how does it have no involvement in the contract between the customer and the driver?”

The Article went on to say:
Oxford city council said Uber’s application had lapsed after it had failed to provide “vital details” of how its service would operate. The other councils confirmed that Uber had withdrawn.

The company has been refused a licence in Reading and told it will not be granted one in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
However, it continues to serve some of the areas using cars it sends in from other places where it does hold a licence.

Source : Sunday Times 

Taxi Leaks Extra Bit :

Funny, is it just me, or have you noticed too, that virtually all the TV/Radio news and national media have missed off the bit about the 50% rise last year in UberRape and Uber sexual assaults....13,000 Fake Uber driver DBS criminal record certificates....the fake Uber medicals and topographical test's??? 
TfL knew for over nine months, yet took no action!!!

It's suddenly become all about a mythical 40,000 self-employed drivers losing their jobs. 

These are self-employed drivers, that will remain licensed and can carry on working for any one of the other 2,500 private hire operators currently licensed by TfL. No ones lost their job....

TfL have said Uber are not fit and proper to hold an operators licence...Were the issues above not enough to get Uber closed down for good???

I wonder how much of the investors money it took to get all the news editors to drop the UberRape and fake criminal record checks from their stories ???

Andrew Boff (conservative assembly member) says, Uber's CEO came to London and apologised and that now the Mayor and TfL should do a u-turn. 

Does Andrew Boff believe that rape against women is fare game to an Uber driver ?
Are our wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, little more than collateral damage by Mr Boff?

Would Andrew Boff like to meet with the UberRape and sexual attack victims...the ones who's lives, and the lives of their families have been shattered by these attacks....and let him explain to them why they should accept an apology from Dara Khosrowshahi.

Many of these rapes and sexual assaults could have been prevented if only TfL management had insisted Uber abide by the legislation plus had the appropriate genuine DBS certificates. 

          Almost all gone....but not forgotten 

Perhaps the victims of the sex attacks should be looking towards one of these aggressive PPI lawyers to put together a 'no win no fee' class action, against TfL's directors and managers who swept scandal after scandal under the carpet over the last 5 years.

How many rapes and sexual assaults could have been avoided if TfL had 'done the job we pay them to do' and acted accordingly, when the fake DBS certificates first came to light back in January?

Helen Chapman gave assurances that all Uber drivers had the same enhanced DBS checks as Taxi drivers.....Helen Chapman lied.